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Hjortahammars gravfält

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Cultural environments, Parks & Nature, Archipelago Hjortahammar grave-field has more then 120 grave monuments and is on the road to Hasslö.

Högalunds Alpackor -´Alpaca farm

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Activities & Sports, Family & Children, Course Alpacas are one of the oldest domesticated animal, a companion to the man who gives you so much in return. The calm that spreads in the soul as you go out with the alpaca - is a...

Horseback riding on Aspö

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Horse Ride Icelandic horses at the beautiful island of Aspö.

Hot tub for rent

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Activities & Sports, Spa & Health Rent a mobile hot tub, treat yourself to a hot dip regardless of place or time of the year!

Jämjö Wärdshus

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Restaurant An inn in the centre of Jämjö, 20 km east from Karlskrona.


Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments The Jändel Cottage

Jogging tracks and trails

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Activities & Sports, Bike & Hike, Sports & Exercise [...] Karlskrona municipality jogging and hiking trails make up 260 kilometers altogether.

Ka 334 Zaima Fiskeri & Sjöentreprenad

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Fishing Ka 334 Zaima fishing and sea entrepreneur conducts in fishing trips and photo session-tours for individuals and companies in Karlskrona archipelago.

Kafé Måsen

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Eat, Café, By the sea A lovely summer café in the small coastal village of Torhamn, outdoor and indoor seating available.

Karin Meijer - Keramiker

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Design & Handicraft Karin Meijer working as a ceramist in her own workshop in Ramdala Old School outside Karlskrona.

Karlskrona go-cart

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Activities & Sports, Family & Children, Leisure [...] Go-kart track is about 10km outside Karlskrona on Silvervägen 13A.

Karlskrona Antikt & Secondhand

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Shopping, Antiques & Second Hand The antique shop on Alamedan 8 in Karlskrona is small but interesting. Furniture, paintings, jewelery, LPs, almost anything can be found here.

Karlskrona Byggnadsvård & Inredning

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Shopping, Shops & Malls, Design & Handicraft Sales of Swedish-made building and interior details.

Karlskrona City Association

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Shops & Malls Shopping in Karlskrona is fun.!

Karlskrona City Library

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Other The City Library is centrally located in the Main Square in Karlskrona

Karlskrona Floating sauna

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Sea & Lake Archipelago, entertainment and relaxation!

Karlskrona Hyrkart

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Activities & Sports Gokart in Karlskrona!

Karlskrona Kajak - Guided tours

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Sea & Lake, Guided Tours, Boat, Canoe & Kayak Karlskrona Kayak organizes guided tours in Karlskrona's archipelago. Now you get the chance to experience the World Heritage City at the "real" way - from the sea

Karlskrona Konserthusteater

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Conference Konserthusteatern used for theater, concerts, conferences. Capacity: 700 pers.

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