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Archipelago tours in Karlskrona

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Activities & Sports, Boat, Canoe & Kayak, Guided Tours [...] Take a tour in the archipelago! You can visit and enjoy the archipelago in Karlskrona in several different ways. Here you will find information about some of the archipelago ro...


Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Parks & Nature, Archipelago Karlskrona's allotment cottages have a unique building style from the 1920s, with small houses built in similarl design, size and colours.

Bredaviks Örtagård & Saliveja Linnekläder

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Parks & Nature, Archipelago Herb garden and spices for use in beauty-care, magic, food and aroma therapy are grown in the herb garden.

Drottningskärs Kastell

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, World heritage, Archipelago The Drottningskär Citadel - This citadel from the seventeenth century, is considered to be one of the most remarkable of Sweden’s historic fortifications.

Gallery - Anna Hörjel

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Galleries & Arts, Archipelago, Places of interest Anna Hörjel lives on the island Aspö in Karlskrona archipelago with her family.

Hjortahammars gravfält

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Parks & Nature, Archipelago Hjortahammar grave-field has more then 120 grave monuments and is on the road to Hasslö.

Karlskrona's archipelago

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Archipelago Sweden’s most southerly archipelago is made up of 1993 islands, islets and skerries – from Hasslö in the west to Utlängan in the east.

Kungsholms Fort

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Parks & Nature, World heritage [...] Kungsholm's fortress is one of the old fortifications on the southern fairway into Karlskrona.

Mjölnareholmen - 5615 Karlskrona Culture Arkipelag

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Activities & Sports, Family & Children, Boat, Canoe & Kayak [...] Mjölnareholmen is part of Karlskrona Cultural Archipelago. The island where the gunpowder was previously stored is now opened up to a small family paradise!

Nature reserves in Karlskrona

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Parks & Nature, Archipelago Karlskrona has a lot to offer for the one who is interessted in the nature!

Skärgårdskraft - art and craft at Tjurkö

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Archipelago In the main building from the old stonemasonry at Herrgården at Tjurkö is today filled with art, handicraft and exhibitions. All arranged by the art and craft association (Skärg...

Sturkö Kvarn

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Galleries & Arts, Cultural environments, Archipelago Sturkö Mill - There is a wonderful view from the old mill.

Sturkö kyrka

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Churches, Archipelago Sturkö church was built in 1878 on the same spot as an older church, edicated to S:t Gertrud, the patron saint of seafarers.

Sturkö Skans

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Archipelago Sturkö Redoubt - This former military installation on the island Sturkö is an exciting sight for all that are interested in culture and military history.

Tjurkö Kyrka

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Churches, Archipelago Tjurkö Church - The church, in the middle of the island, was originally built for the Crown work corps by recruits from its own ranks in 1876.

Tjurkö Stenhuggeri

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Cultural environments, Archipelago Tjurkö Stonemasonry - Wherever you walk on cobblestone in the world, chances are it will come from Tjurkö.

Valshall - a viking village

Area: Karlskrona  Map

Theme Parks, Cultural environments, Archipelago Valshall is the name of a the Viking village on the island Senoren in Blekinge Eastern Archipelago.

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