Per Tengstrand - Music from the movies

Standort: Karlskrona
Kategorie: Veranstaltungen, Konzerte & Musik

In proximity with the premiere of Karlskrona film festival the pianist Per Tengstrand is welcomed to Skärva

During the evening Per will play classic pieces which has been put in to use in movies. He will talk about how they've been used by great directors.

"The shining", the little boy who pedals around in his toy car in the halls. He sees room 237... It is the close and thrilling music that makes the whole scene so exciting. But who put the music together? The answer will come to suprise many. And when you hear the name "Elvira Madigan" are you thinking about the movie or on Mozarts piano concert?

Beethoven - Månskenssonaten
Chopin - Nocturne
Williams - Schindler's list

There will be refreshments in the break, included in the price.

350 sek

Tickets can be purchased at Karlskrona tourist office and online on


+46 708-185515


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